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Safety in Numbers – Backing that thing up!

Mac OS X can't repair the disk

Mac OS X can’t repair the disk

This past month the unthinkable happened.  We’ve all been there, a client calls you up, needs project immediately.  Normally I keep backups but consolidating many projects the night before, I didn’t realize I had no backup.  While rendering the changes to several , I got the dreaded “bah!” of After Effects in rapid fire as it suddenly began to burp on each video.  Turns out calls to the bad sectors on the drive caused OSX to take the entire RAID offline.  When that happened each render was aborted due to offline media.  Thus the nightmare was born.

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East Coast Hoppin’, Workflow, and Burn Out

Hey guys, long time since I updated the website.  Things have been very busy and have a lot of projects ready to kick off.  Since I’m sitting at Baltimore-Washington International Airport waiting on a flight, I thought an update was in order.  First up is Vision Expo in New York starting today.  Looks like a four day shoot of everything from technology to Fashion Shows.  I’m looking forward to it, but had to pass up on a last minute shoot at the White House with the First Lady… That was a tough one.  Soon as that’s over, its back in Washington, DC for a day, then back up to Boston.  A lot of travel, but a welcome return to work after some recent time off.

Whats been happening you ask?  Well, things have been slow since the first of the year, but they’ve picked up recently.  Admittedly the downtime has been good.  I think everyone gets to a point where they become burned out.  Mine was following a rough two weeks at the end of the year.  Afterwards, I wanted nothing to do with shooting or editing.  My gear basically sat in the state it return in the corner of the room…

Time heals all wounds, and now that things are picking up I’m refreshed and looking forward to multiple upcoming shoots.  I just completed a video for the CBA Convention.  This was meant to kickoff the convention and was briefed as a short, optimistic, exciting video to tie into the focus of the convention.  Trust, Transparency, Transformation.

I also was on a interview shoot at the US Capitol which aired as a Look-Live interview before a large presentation.  This was a challenge because we had 5mins to setup, and 5mins to strike and Needed to be a 1 Camera, 2 Talent shoot, uncut for 7-10mins.  We had a 15mins window to get everything in, which meant we had one shot to make it work, and that was it.  I have to say though, the Talent nailed it and we were able to shoot it off the shoulder, in the corner of his office (due to layout considerations in the office).   A little post-color, vignette, and edge blur help to solidify the end product.

Finally, we also started another TV Commercial campaign for Abilities Expo. I started doing the commercials last year and while the content wasn’t a challenge, the delivery of content was a true learning experience. It amazed me how some TV Stations won’t take a digital delivery. They all accept delivery from large content delivery providers, but delivering something on small scale, such as a single Ad or show, that has proven extremely problematic. We’ve been able to work it out with all but a few stations, but it let to dropping HD spots to BETASP tape in some cases. Needless to say the quality drop was dramatic. Having worked for TV Stations for many many years, I understand how something like FTP delivery gets overlooked, but it is frustrating as a small company when you run into those speed bumps, especially on a short timetable. If you’re curious to see what the spot looks like, check it out below.

On the horizon, things look bright.  Today I’m headed to Vision Expo in NYC. Changing things up a little, I’m going to be editing in Premier Pro for the first time. Since the release of Final Cut X, I’ve known my future lies on another platform and Premier seems like its headed in the right direction. I’ll be testing things to see if the laptop can handle the Canon 5D MkII files natively. If not we’ll transcode over to ProRes most likely using Magic Bullet Grinder. I’ll let you know how it works out. If things get bad, I’ll fall back to Final Cut 7, but the best way to learn is with the fire nipping at your feet!

I’ve got half a dozen or so shows booked around the country which I’ll be shooting at in the next 3 months.  In addition there are a few personal projects I’m working on at home, but those I’m keeping close to the vest for now.  Stay tuned for updates!  Now, if this plane will just leave on time….

Expressing Control on Playback

Expression for animation toggle

Expression for Toggling Animation On/Off

At the suggestion of a friend, I wanted to pass along this tip for adding toggle controls for motion graphics.  This can be especially helpful when duplicating many graphics such as fullscreens or lower thirds.  Working on a recent project I created several fullscreens with information.  As part of the fullscreen the animated logo sits in the corner.  I’m an organization freak so I wanted the logo sitting “in” the fullscreen comp.

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PCMA a Great Success!

StageThe coverage of the PCMA Convention (Professional Convention Management Association) was a great success!  I was brought on board by the crew of Convention News Television to assist in their excellent coverage of the multi-day convention in Las Vegas, NV.  (continue reading…)

Vegas Bound

Looks like I’ll be headed to Vegas in January.  We’re providing same day turnaround media services for Convention News Television at the ‘Professional Convention Management Association’ (PCMA) convention. (continue reading…)

MTO Summit

AR&C has an exciting week coming up!  AR&C will be providing coverage and video updates from the MTO Summit in Washington, DC.  Convention News Television will be joining us in DC from Florida.   Several of the CNTV crew and I have worked together before and they are all exceptional at what they do.

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Seeking Closure

Tagline: Dont do anything today you may regret tomorrow, because there may not be one.

Under Construction

Under ConstructionAs some of you have probably noticed… Actually, anyone that has checked my website in the last four years has probably noticed…  I haven’t exactly kept my website up to date!  In order to get ready to restart austin|, creating a very function website thats easy to update has been placed at the top of the to-do list.

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My Return

Press Coverage of President Obama's First Address

Press Coverage of President Obama's First Address

I grew up in the Video Production world. I got my start as a young kid, eager to learn everything I could when a family friend offered the opportunity to come work on a production set while they were shooting several infomercials for NBC. Fast forward to during college and I’m offered a job at a local news affiliate while doing my internship there. Thus began a long career in Broadcast News.

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